About Us


We are marketing professionals who love the world of digital media and are continually learning and adapting to the ever-changing world of online marketing.

We have over 25 years experience as sales and marketing professionals and for the last 10 years we have been providing creative services for clients across North America.  We have had the privilege of working with many entrepreneurs and businesses in various industries who were looking for someone to assist them with their online content and digital marketing needs.

When we started out we were a consultancy and writing services company but now we have evolved into a full service digital marketing company that provides complete digital marketing campaigns, content writing services and daily social media management for clients.

We always strive for excellence in everything we do, both professionally and personally.  We enjoy getting to know the people we work with and the opportunity to learn all about them and their business.  Our services become an extension of our client's hard work maintaining their daily business so it is important that we know who they are, how they want to be portrayed to the digital world and what their overall goals are.

We are always excited about building new partnerships with clients and developing long term working relationships that result in digital marketing success.



There are 365 days in a year, 24 hours in a day which equals 8760 hours in a year!  That's a lot of time for opportunities!  We all know that the online world never sleeps so we make the most of every hour, all year long! Digital media is what we specialize in for the online world of marketing.  Lastly, we are a group of marketing professionals and we work together providing marketing services for our clients.



We love anything old, the look and feel of old furniture, the mix of wood and iron, and coloured depression glass.

We also surround ourselves with colours we love and have all of our favourite colours throughout our home and in our office.  Bright, playful colours bring us joy and provides creative inspiration.


There is alway music playing and we share an eclectic taste in all kinds of genres.  We dance and sing to the oldies, cruise with our car windows down to the latest country song and rock away to legendary rock songs when writing on a deadline. Music just makes us happy and what better way to spend our day then enjoying some music.


We also love the world of photography and you will often find us heading out for a country drive with our cameras in tow looking for something that catches our eye.  We never know what we will find on our adventures but some of our favourites have been a field of horses with their babies, a stunning sunset over a hilltop where a tree sits alone in the shadows of the falling sun and the sailboat that was heading out from the shores of Lake Erie in Port Dover.

We love taking photos of everything but mostly enjoy taking photos of old buildings, barns, animals, birds and gardens growing with fresh flowers.  We once stumbled upon a field of sunflowers in full bloom gazing up to the sun.  It was breathtaking to see the rows of sunflowers all facing in the same direction and we captured the beauty of it with our cameras.

Photography is something we do for fun and we love to share our photography for others to enjoy.  Visit our photo gallery here on our site to see some of our favourites.

Recently we have begun working on stock photography, backgrounds, photo retouching and videos.  We use a lot of our own photography in the creation of social media posts for our clients and are continually looking for ways to use unique photography in digital campaigns.